Payroll without the stress

We are well aware that business owners would prefer not to spend their precious time managing their payroll. In fact, often we suggest they outsource this to someone who can do the technical work, so they can get back to their strategic focus. Our team is here to relieve you of the burden of this time-consuming task and deliver solutions that make payroll processing much simpler and faster.

By combining our technological capability with our knowledgeable advisors, we give your business a huge advantage against your competitors. From bank reconciliation and payroll processing, down to financial statement preparation and other accounting functions, our full-service accounting firm is at your service!

Set up new payroll and/or RCT schemes

Set up new payroll and/or RCT schemes online with the Revenue Commissioners.

Verify subcontractors

Our services include the verifying of subcontractors.

Prepare and submit RCT returns

Prepare and electronically submit RCT returns and provide monthly subcontractor statements.

Prepare payroll calculations

Prepare payroll calculations and electronically upload RBN files and submit PSW submissions to ROS.

Notify you of liabilities due to the Revenue Commissioners

Notify you of any liabilities due to the Revenue Commissioners and the payment due dates.

Process statutory payments

Process statutory payments such as sickness, maternity, adoption and parental pay.

Assist with automatic enrolment duties

Assist with Automatic Enrolment duties, including pension assessments and the reporting of electronic submissions to the provider.

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